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Chor Lai 阿初

Founder of Chor Handpan | Handpan Specialist | Jaw Harp Specialist


“Music is a frequency of vibration, the exchange of energy. You have to shake yourself before you can turn it into a gripping story.”


—— Chor Lai 阿初



Chor Lai 阿初
​Chor Handpan 創辦人 | 手碟演家 | 口弦演奏家

Founder of Chor Handpan | Handpan Specialist | Jaw Harp Specialist

阿初在大自然環境中成長,自小便熟悉大自然的各種聲音、熟習求生技能、習慣獨處及思考,經常自問自答。求學時期對音樂產生濃厚興趣,於2013年與口弦 (Jaw Harp) 及手碟 (Handpan) 結緣,展開街頭演奏的音樂人生涯。

Growing up surrounded by nature, Chor is no stranger to the various sounds of the wild. Often spending his time alone, his childhood taught him to be resourceful and independent in thought. He developed a strong interest in music while still in school, and in 2013, began his journey as a street musician with the jaw harp and handpan.


The ethereal sound of the handpan resembles nature and heals the soul. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the musician controls the rhythm and the melody at the same time, and allows for multiple changes with a high degree of fluidity. The variety in sound and pattern can be achieved through different ways of tapping and striking with different fingers or joints, and can be as unique as the personality and creativity of the musician.


阿初曾走訪世界各地學藝,並受邀到世界各地演出及舉辦工作坊,以音樂與不同文化種族交流。 近年專注於手碟 (Handpan) 以及口弦 (Jaw Harp) 等民族樂器的教學與推廣。亦積極參與各種形式的音樂創作:與不同藝術單位合作演出、為紀錄片與電影配樂、定期舉辦個人演奏會和分享會、受邀出席商業活動及私人演出等。 

Chor has travelled the world to perform and hone his craft. He has been invited to numerous live events and workshops, always sharing his ideas across cultures and race through his music. In recent years, he has been focused on teaching and promoting handpan and other ethnic musical instruments including the jaw harp. As an active musician, Chor regularly collaborates with others artists including performing with various artistic units, music scoring for films and documentaries, as well as holding regular solo recitals, sharing sessions, and performing at commercial events and other private performances.




- Kabeção → ​中國 CN


- Nadishana → ​印度 INDIA


- Adrian J Portia → ​奧地利 AUSTRIA

- David Carrier → ​​德國 GERMANY、瑞士 SWISS

- David Kuckhermann → ​奧地利 AUSTRIA

- Kabeção → ​瑞士 SWISS

- Nadishana → ​​德國 GERMANY、奧地利 AUSTRIA、印度 INDIA

- Neptune Chapotin → ​印度 INDIA


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