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MouseFX 阿鼠

Hong Kong Reggae Musician / MC / Music Producer





MouseFX 阿鼠

阿鼠於90年代畢業後,開始接觸並愛上雷鬼樂,並在嘉士伯流行音樂節以雷鬼曲風改編Deep purple經典歌曲"Soldier Of Fortune"獲得銅獎。2000年成立雷鬼樂隊Crazy Lion,2009年組成雷鬼樂隊Sensi Lion並擔任作曲,Dub Master及主唱。

2015年開始,阿鼠以「MouseFX阿鼠流動音效」個人名義,用原創雷鬼音樂活躍於街頭、各live house和音樂節。阿鼠是香港粵語雷鬼的先驅,其原創歌曲結合 Roots Reggae 及其母語廣東話。

2019年2月在牙買加期間,阿鼠獲當地唱片公司Skunga Records 邀請,灌錄一系列廣東話/牙式英語雷鬼作品,EP "MouseFX In Jamaica" 於2020年9月4日以12"黑膠唱片推出。

阿鼠與低音派對品牌Heavy Hong Kong合作無間,並曾為多名國際殿堂級雷鬼樂手/聲音系統同台演出,以及擔任暖場嘉賓。



Brother Culture (英國) / Charlie P (英國) / Cian Finn (英國) / DeDuBros (意大利) / General Huge (法國) / General Levy (英國) / Horseman (英國) / House of Riddim (奧地利) / I Kong (牙買加) / Iration Steppas (英國) / Prince Fatty + Horseman (英國) / Jado(中國) / Jiang Liang Sound 蔣亮的聲音系統 (中國)​ / Jstar (英國) / Top Cat ,Brother Culture (英國) / Papaugee (日本) / Masia One (新加坡) / Macka B (英國) / Vibronics (英國) / Zion Train (英國) 



Hong Kong Reggae Musician / MC / Music Producer

A winner of the bronze medal at the Carlsberg Pop Music Festival for his reggae-style version of Deep Purple's classic "Soldier Of Fortune", MouseFX fell in love with reggae after leaving school in the '90s. After forming reggae band Crazy Lion in 2000, he formed another reggae ensemble Sensi Lion, this time in 2009, and was the band's composer, Dub Master and lead singer. ​


MouseFX took to the streets as a solo artist beginning in 2015 performing his own work at live events and music festivals. A pioneer of Cantonese reggae in Hong Kong, his work often blends Roots Reggae style with his mother tongue.

At the invitation of Skunga Records in February 2019, MouseFX travelled to St. Elizabeth, Jamica to record the EP "MouseFX In Jamaica". The album was produced by "Skunga" Kong and released on 12" vinyl in September 2020.

MouseFX has emceed for the bass party brand Heavy Hong Kong, and has performed on the same stage with a number of celebrated international reggae musicians and sound systems, including the likes of: Brother Culture (UK) / Charlie P (UK) / Cian Finn (UK) / DeDuBros (ITALY)/ General Huge (FR) / General Levy (UK) / Horseman (UK) / House of Riddim (Austria) / I Kong (Jamaica) / Iration Steppas (UK) / Prince Fatty + Horseman (UK / Jado(CN) / Jiang Liang Sound (CN)​ / Jstar (UK) / Top Cat ,Brother Culture (UK) / Papaugee (JP) / Masia One (SNG) / Macka B (UK) / Vibronics (UK) / Zion Train (UK) 





- Clockenflap → 香港 HK

- 太一對話音樂 - MouseFX → 香港 HK



- APA Sunset Concert → 香港 HK

- MEMES & FRIENDS Presents: MouseFX ft. Chor Lai & Pang Chun - Reggae Party → 香港 HK


- Freespace Jazz Festival → 香港 HK

- 島民生活節 Inter-island Festival → 香港 HK

- Meanwhile Festival & Jazz Festival → 香港 HK

- The Grounds: Bounce 2 → 香港 HK


- 鬼鼠路 Ghost Mouse Road Live → 香港 HK


- AnBeng Reggae Beach Festival → 越南 VIETNAM


- Clockenflap → 香港 HK

- One Love Reggae & Ska Festival → 英國UK

- Wow & Flutter → 香港 HK


- SONAR → 香港 HK

Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 01.21.25.png

Mousefx in Jamaica - EP


Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 02.49.47.png

Jah Come to Earth (One Blood) [feat. MouseFX] [J Star Remix] - Single


Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 01.21.02.png

阿鼠流動音效 - EP







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Our partnerships often feature various local designers, artists, musicians, photographers, illustrators and content creators.




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Memes & Friends is an art & culture platform. Our projects span a wide spectrum, and cover topics ranging from self-love and mental health to death education.


We connect like-minded content creators, artists, designers, therapists, and various institutions and groups with suitable venue partners. Through mediums including visual art, design, music, visual media, art therapy, psychology and philosophy, our aim is to explore, challenge and redefine existing social values with the general public. 


Memes & Friends’ activities include workshops, events, online and offline interviews, concerts, etc. Our mission is to build and seek a better future for all.



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