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Pang Chun 彭震

Asalatist | Fine Art Artist | Early Childhood Educator


"Impermanence is our best reminder."

—— Pang Chun 彭震



Pang Chun 彭震

Asalato樂手 | 純藝術工作者 | 幼兒教育工作者

Asalatist | Fine Art Artist | Early Childhood Educator


彭震(Pang Chun),生於香港1993年。

Born in Hong Kong in 1993, Pang Chun has always been observant since early childhood, a characteristic keenly reflected through his body of work.



Pang was accepted at the Business School of University College Dublin, Ireland, to read cultural studies in 2010. The course piqued his interest in the creative field and set him upon his journey on his return to Hong Kong.

回港後,彭氏於皇家墨爾本理工大學主修雕塑系,2014年完成修讀藝術文學士 (藝術) 課程。


In 2014, Pang graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) majoring in sculpture.



After graduation, Pang was invited to teach music classes in kindergartens and primary schools. He completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2020 at the Hong Kong Baptist University, and became a full-time kindergarten teacher.



The ups and downs in Pang’s life, marked by the loss of a close family member, has provided him with a deeper understanding of his own outlook in life and a reminder to cherish what we have. Pang cites “Nature and Life” as his most important sources of inspiration.



In recent years, Pang has focused his energy on the research, promotion and teaching of music and culture in hopes of spreading “world music” to the wider public.



“The Future is Rooted in The Present”


Through his various roles as an educator, artist, and musician, Pang sees himself akin to a gardener, with a hope to inspire and maximise the potential in those he encounters.

Show & Exhibition List

2023 - 尚山岩舘 x OpenSlap ft. Chor Lai「山樂 •是山」音樂分享會 - 靜月製所《BREEZY DREAM MINI CONCERT》 - innervoice Chor Lai x Pang Chun @bound - Project Mooon Presents "Destruggle" music performance @Fringe Club - Lung Fu Shan Music Journey 龍虎山音樂之旅 - Lau Bak 留白 Freespace Livehouse Chor Lai ft. Pang Chun - Project Mooon x Elf Lab Music Party  - Interzone Collective - Perrier-Jouët 秘密花園 @Tai Kwun 大館  - MEMES & FRIENDS PRESENTS: Openslap【樹的節奏】 Asalato音樂體驗工作坊 - Oneness Music Presents: Openslap【節奏的果實】 Asalato音樂體驗工作坊 2022    - MEMES & FRIENDS Presents: MouseFX ft. Chor Lai & Pang Chun - Reggae Party - Project Mooon x Elf Lab Free Jamming  2019 - Attachment-Detachment: The Fluxes of Subjects and Objects - Kai Fong Pai Dong Zine 3, 街坊排檔書子 3 2018 - Attachment-Detachment: The Fluxes of Subjects and Objects — Hong Kong Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition, 入世・離地/貼地・出世 — 港台藝術交流展 → 香港 HK 2017 - Hi House - Jaffa Lam X Sam Tung Uk Museum - Kai Fong Pai Dong Zine 2, 街坊排檔書子 2 2016 - World & Heaven: Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial 2016, 人間/天上:香港雕塑雙年展



Project Mooon Presents: 

The Asalato Journey

#00 Art of Learning

Parent-child Asalato Workshop with Pang Chun ​​



Project Mooon Presents: 

The Asalato Journey

#01 Redefine


4 Days Asalato Journey for Beginners with Pang Chun


加入彭震 Whatsapp 同學會



作團隊 PROJECT MOOON COLLECTIVE 於2015年成立,旗下包括品牌設計顧問公司 MOOON CO. 及藝術文化正念生活平台 MEMES & FRIENDS

MOOON CO. 服務範圍包括:企業及品牌設計顧問、正念企業培訓、企業及品牌工作坊、活動及展覽策劃與執行、美術指導、視覺設計、聲音設計、商業攝影、編輯及翻譯、宣傳推廣、商業活動及演出、多媒體藝術合作、活動司儀及主持等。

團隊致力於商業項目中連結新一代本地藝術家、音樂家、療癒師、設計師、插畫師、攝影師、舞蹈家等不同媒體的創作人。並在藝術文化平台 MEMES & FRIENDS 定期舉辦體驗班讓大眾及有需要團體以特別會員體驗價參加 PROJECT MOOON 團隊所設計的正念藝術活動、體驗工作坊、音樂會及表演。

Founded in 2015, Hong Kong-based PROJECT MOOON COLLECTIVE is an umbrella body that covers branding and design consulting company, MOOON CO., and MEMES & FRIENDS – an arts, culture and positive lifestyle platform. 


The service scope of MOOON CO. covers corporate and branding consulting services, corporate training and workshops, event organising and management, art direction, visual design, sound design, commercial photography, editing and translation, public relations and promotion, commercial event and performance, multimedia art collaboration, as well as event emceeing and hosting.


Our team is committed to connecting a new generation of local artists, musicians, healers, designers, illustrators, photographers, dancers and other creators of different media in commercial projects. Scheduled events and classes both open to the general public and dedicated groups are offered at membership rates through our arts and culture platform, MEMES & FRIENDS, and includes mindful art projects, experiential workshops, concerts and performances designed by the PROJECT MOOON team.

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