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Rebal Cello


"Music for Aliens & Cats."—— RAFAEL KALIL



A unique cello experience rebelliously merging the classical with the modern

“Music for Aliens & Cats” is how Rafael Kalil defines his solo music work. The difficulties in putting a label on the highly unique musical work with his cello is highlighted by the name of his musical project. 


Acting as an actor and a musician, developing a new technique of playing the instrument like a guitar standing up, searching for a very particular way to express sound, Rafael continues to discover an infinite number of possibilities that playing a cello offers him. 

Musician from an early age, Rafael began his career studying violin. At a very young age Rafael was already performing with chamber orchestras alongside experienced musicians. In his personal musical journey, he collaborated and performed with underground rock bands, fanfares, Brazilian popular carnival orchestras, comedy and drama theaters, cabarets, and movies. In addition to the violin, Rafael experimented playing a piano, recorder, and trombone, but his perfect musical match was born when he returned to the strings to learn the cello in 2014. 


In 2017 Rafael moved to Amsterdam to begin his solo journey. Rafael spent his nights in the tunnels of the Rijiksmuseum where he found the perfect acoustics and the ambience to explore sonic and aesthetic opportunities by combining his angry cello with a loop pedal to replicate the effects of a guitar. 

After many hours of sound in the middle of the night in the tunnels of Amsterdam, Rafael left for Cairo, Egypt, to find a personal connection with an Arab and African music. After 8 months in Egyp, Rafael returned to Europe and started participating in cabaret projects, contemporary and traditional dance performances, circus festivals, music for video games and films, as well as performing his solo shows in several countries in Europe, North Africa, Central America, and Asia. 


In 2019, invited by a music producer Murilo Sguillaro, Rafael recorded his first single, first EP, and a very first music video in London.  

After several successful performances in Paris in January 2020, return to Hong Kong to record and produce new videos and shows, Rafael was stranded in India where he was studying Sitar and Indian classical music due to worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. 

In 2021, Rafael returns to Brazil - produces and releases two more clips with his direction and script, starts a series of shows in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the same year. His new live show, which debuted in Rio de Janeiro in October 2021, has different formats. In 2022, at the invitation of choreographer Renato Vieira, he took on the role of the show “Suite Rock para lunas e lovers”, a box office and public success, on display at CCBB RJ for six weeks. In the second half of the same year, he received artists from Hong Kong and produced exhibitions, performed in live painting collabs and moved to São Paulo, where he worked as artistic manager of the ZIV Gallery project, in Beco do Batman, Vila Madalena.

For the year 2023, he starts his “Rebel Cello” tour in May, performing in theaters and concert halls in Hong Kong, Cairo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in a three-month sequence which will also feature artistic residencies, artistic network meetings, new releases, jams, recordings and shows. From the second half of July, Rafael will be back in Brazil, available for concerts, recordings, performances, shows, special projects, exchanges, productions and national and international artistic articulations.