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Rebal Cello


"Music for Aliens & Cats."—— RAFAEL KALIL



Rafael Kalil, Brazilian musician and multi-artist, began his musical studies in 1984 at the Suzuki violin school in Rio de Janeiro. He grew up immersed in orchestral environments, exploring protest rock bands, and traditional Brazilian brass bands. With forays into both comedic and dramatic theater, he developed as a musical director and experimented with performing as a musician on stage.

In 2016, he journeyed to Amsterdam, delving into theater and music projects, refining his cello playing style under new contemporany influences. In Egypt, he absorbed Arabic and African aesthetics before moving to Paris, expanding his horizons and participating in international projects, including the 2019 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh with artists from Hong Kong.

Exploring various locations from London to Guatemala City, Oaxaca, Berlin, and India, Rafael immersed himself in local music studies. Returning to Brazil due to the pandemic, he dedicated himself to creation, directing his own music videos, and producing theater in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Additionally, he engaged in contemporary dance projects with renowned choreographers and dancers. In 2023, at the invitation of artists from Hong Kong, he returned to co-create "The Shadow’s Dance" an original immersive theater production. He conducted artistic residencies and music shows in locations such as Cairo, Montpellier, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris, solidifying his journey as a global and collaborative artist.

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〰️the flowing frequency〰️

作團隊 PROJECT MOOON 於2015年成立,致力於商業項目中連結新一代本地藝術家、音樂家、療癒師、設計師、插畫師、攝影師、舞蹈家等創作人。並定期舉辦藝術活動、體驗工作坊、音樂會及表演。

Founded in 2015, Hong Kong-based creative art group PROJECT MOOON is committed to connecting a new generation of local artists, musicians, healers, designers, illustrators, photographers, dancers and other creators of different media in commercial projects. Scheduled events and classes open to the general public includes mindful art projects, experiential workshops, concerts and performances.

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