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Suminagashi Artist | Branding Designer | Illustrator

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「每個人內心缺失的拼圖,最終只能用自心力量去填補。我們的答案都只能向內找尋。」—— WhyHailey





Suminagashi Artist / Brand Visual Designer / Illustrator

WhyHailey 是一位不斷尋求成長的藝術家、墨流藝術家、品牌設計師、以及插畫師。畢業於香港知專設計學院,隨後加入 Lomography 團隊負責亞太區的品牌視覺設計。曾參與項目包括: 2016年 FashionWalk 室外及室內展覽設計/2019年 Rubberband 主唱 6 號個人相展設計。2021年更嘗試將墨流藝術結合商業創作,設計了一款「墨流藝術特別版」的 Simple Use Film Camera - Optimistic Ox Edition。

商業設計以外,Hailey 特別鍾情墨流藝術,一直在創作過程中探索「水」和「墨」的關係,透過墨流創作傾聽內心的聲音,繼而重新詮釋了黑與白、光與暗、正與負、陰與陽的概念。


墨流藝術對 Hailey 來說,不僅是一種藝術創作,更是一種生活態度和自我修行的小練習。她認為浮在水面的墨,同時也是人心中的思緒。情緒管理是生活各個方面的關鍵,因此觀察內心變化,是協助自己放下執著和調適心神的方法之一。


Hailey 近年更致力投入墨流藝術工作坊的教學和推廣,與不同領域的藝術家合作,2023年先後在德國科隆和捷克共和國舉辦墨流工作坊和分享聚會,與世界各地的朋友交流。

WhyHailey is an ever-evolving and multifaceted artist who excels as a Suminagashi artist, brand designer, and illustrator. A Hong Kong Design Institute graduate, she later joined the Lomography team. As a Senior Designer, Hailey is responsible for brand visual design across the Asia-Pacific region, continually striving for achievements in various fields.


Her notable projects include designing a large-scale outdoor and indoor exhibition for FashionWalk in 2016 and creating a personal photo exhibition for 6@Rubberband in 2019.


Beyond commercial design, Hailey is deeply passionate about Suminagashi art. Throughout the years, she has explored the intricate relationship between water and ink in her creative process, delving into concepts like black and white, light and darkness, positive and negative, and Yin and Yang. For Hailey, Suminagashi art not only represents artistic expression but also serves as a reflection of her thoughts, a life attitude, and a means for self-cultivation. Emphasising the importance of emotion management in every aspect of life, Hailey believes that observing inner changes is the key first step to letting go and adjusting one's mindset. 


She has diligently combined Suminagashi art with commercial creations in recent years, designing a special edition Suminagashi Simple Use Film Camera - Optimistic Ox Edition in 2021. Hailey is also dedicated to teaching and promoting Suminagashi art workshops since 2019, collaborating with artists from various fields to expand the reach of this ancient art form.


Hailey has held Suminagashi art workshops overseas, including events in Cologne, Germany, in January 2023 and the Czech Republic in February 2023. By participating in the Heart of Suminagashi workshop, Hailey will share this unique Suminagashi art technique and insights with attendees, embarking on a journey filled with creativity and flow together.














The Philosophy of Suminagashi:
Embracing Impermanence and the Flow of Life


Suminagashi, a traditional Japanese art form, creates mesmerizing patterns by gently dispersing ink on the surface of still water. This delicate interplay between ink and water serves as a metaphor for the fluidity of thoughts and emotions, as well as the ever-changing nature of life.


In our hearts, thoughts can flow like ink, continuously evolving and transforming. Just as ink blends with water, our thoughts are subject to the impermanence that characterizes all aspects of existence. Suminagashi art embraces this transience, capturing a unique moment in time that can never be replicated.


The beauty of this art form comes to life when the wind stirs the ink on the water's surface, creating intricate patterns that dance and swirl. This spontaneous movement mirrors the way our thoughts scatter when we find inner tranquility and peace. By observing the flow of ink, we can learn to let go of our attachments and accept the ebb and flow of life.


Throughout human history, we have grappled with the concept of karma, the belief that our actions can create a chain of cause and effect that influences our future experiences. Much like the unending cycles of karma, our thoughts and emotions can keep us entangled in a web of suffering and confusion.


However, the true nature of humanity is empty and pure, untainted by the illusions that cloud our judgment. By recognizing this innate emptiness, we can break free from the cycle of chasing after thoughts and emotions, liberating ourselves from the endless wandering between life and death.


Suminagashi art serves as a powerful reminder that change is an inherent part of life. By embracing the philosophy behind this mesmerizing art form, we can learn to cultivate inner peace, let go of our attachments, and awaken to our true nature.



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〰️the flowing frequency〰️

作團隊 PROJECT MOOON 於2015年成立,致力於商業項目中連結新一代本地藝術家、音樂家、療癒師、設計師、插畫師、攝影師、舞蹈家等創作人。並定期舉辦藝術活動、體驗工作坊、音樂會及表演。

Founded in 2015, Hong Kong-based creative art group PROJECT MOOON is committed to connecting a new generation of local artists, musicians, healers, designers, illustrators, photographers, dancers and other creators of different media in commercial projects. Scheduled events and classes open to the general public includes mindful art projects, experiential workshops, concerts and performances.

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