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Manlee Wong

Communication Specialist | Wellness Instructor & Therapist

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"Deep within each of us lies a unique wisdom waiting to be unlocked. With a heart of resilience and a spirit of humility, I draw upon my professional expertise and life experiences to ignite a spark in others. As we walk along, we create boundless possibilities together."


—— Manlee



Manlee Wong

Communication Specialist | Wellness Instructor & Therapist


/ Manlee 涉足多個專業領域,擁有多項國際認可資格及豐富經驗。

/ Manlee is a multi-talented professional with extensive experience and qualifications across multiple fields.

Communication Specialist:



Manlee, a former TV host, is currently based in the UK, and has lived and worked in Australia and Hong Kong, gaining valuable experience in television, radio broadcasting, program hosting and emceeing.



Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with various media channels, such as BBC, LeTV, nowTV, viuTV, TVBJ, and more.



With expertise in financial and public affairs hosting and a background as an international news journalist, Manlee is a highly knowledgeable and engaging emcee, who is active at brand promotional events, corporate programmes, charity functions, festivals, sports happenings, and weddings. Manlee also has substantial experience in voice-over work, including news broadcasting, documentaries, commercials, animations, stage plays, public announcements and more.  

Wellness Instructor & Therapist:


練習瑜伽及靜觀冥想多年、向來關注身心靈健康的Manlee 為認可催眠治療師、夢境分析治療師、頌缽聲頻療癒師;

Manlee has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation for over a decade, firmly believing in the positive impact of regular practice on physical and mental healthcare.


Through her expertise as a certified hypnotherapist, Manlee expertly adjusts the rhythm, pitch and intonation of her speech with her pleasant and soothing voice while skilfully incorporating the restorative sounds of singing bowls to guide others to adjust the breathing pace, mindfully meditate and expand the sense of awareness, leading them on a journey of self-nourishment. Drawing from the inner wisdom acquired through twists and turns in life, Manlee commits herself in every single wellness session with great compassion and professional knowledge.


Manlee's unique ability to connect with audiences of diverse backgrounds and cultures, coupled with her comprehensive background in communication and wellness, makes her the ideal choice for events that require a global perspective.


  • 跨文化傳意碩士 (Australia) Master in Crosscultural Communications 

  • 新聞與傳播(榮譽)文學士 (HK) BA (Hons) in Journalism and Mass Communications 

  • 美國NGH認可催眠治療師 (US) NGH Certified Hypnotherapist 

  • 美國IAPC夢境分析治療師 (US) IAPC Dream Analysis Therapist 

  • 尼泊爾國家認可頌缽療癒師 (Nepal) Certified Singing Bowl Therapist

  • 認可調解員 (HK/CN) Certified Mediator

  • 高級調解證書 (HK) Advanced Certificate in Mediation

  • 心理學高等證書 (HK) Advanced Certificate in Psychology

Language Proficiency

  • Cantonese (Native)

  • English (Professional working proficiency) [IELTS Band 8.5]

  • Mandarin (Professional working proficiency) [国家语委会普通话水平试二级] 

  • Japanese (Limited working proficiency) [JLPT N4]

  • Thai Language (Limited working proficiency) [Advanced Certificate Holder]


  • Communication Specialist 
    司儀 | 主持 | 配音 | 翻譯 | 傳譯 | 撰稿 | 編輯 | 語文導師
    Emcee | Host | Voiceover Talent | Translator
    Consecutive Interpreter | Copywr
    iter | Editor | Language Instructor 

  • Wellness Instructor & Therapist
    聲音引導冥想 | 聲頻療癒 | 夢境分析 | 催眠治療
    Guided Meditation | Sound Healing |Dream Analysis | Hypnotherapy


BEAUTY BRANDS Beauskin / CeraVe / Cetaphil / Clarins / CLEAR / Clinique / Decorte by KOSE / Dr. Morita / Galderma / Innisfree / JANSSEN COSMETICS / Kiehls / La Roche Posay / L'Oréal / Maybelline New York / Merz Aesthetics / SDLT / Sense of Touch / Shiseido / Valmont / Vichy   LIFESTYLE BRANDS Bremont / BlackRock / Breitling / CHICKS / Chow Tai Fook Jewellery  / CITIZEN Watch / Cole Haan / De Beers / DJI / Duddell's / Fairton Group / / Love, Bonito / Lululemon / LUVENUS / Martell / Oriental Watch / OTG / Paul Lafayet / Pennyblack / Pernod Ricard / Renault Group / Romago Swiss / Sense of Touch / Sinomax / Strongether / Theragun / Therabody by Theragun FINACIAL SECTOR AIA Group Limited / AXA / Allianz / Apex Group / Bank of China  / BlackRock / Bloomberg Business / Chief Group / China Construction Bank (Asia) / China Taiping Insurance Holdings / Cigna Insurance / Citibank Limited / DBC Radio (Financial Channel) / DBS Bank / FWD Limited / Hang Seng Bank / HASL Asia / Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) / HSBC  / Invesco Hong Kong Limited / Manulife Insurance Company / MasterCard / PGIM, Inc. / Principal Financial Group / Prudential Financial Inc. / Quam (H.K.) / Quam Limited / Schroders / SpeedPay / Standard Chartered Hong Kong / Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Limited / VMPay Asia / WIZBL 200 Conference  / Zurich Insurance INSTITUTIONS Agricultural Trade Office of USA / American Pistachio Growers / Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) / California Dried Prune Board / Diabetes Hong Kong / Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) / Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification / Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA) / Hong Kong Design Institute / Hong Kong Film Arts Association / Hong Kong Institute of Engineers / Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD) / Hong Kong Policy Research Institute / Hong Kong Public Libraries / HKSAR Government / HKSAR Government Department of Health / Korean Tourism Organisation / Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) / Vocational Training Council (VTC) / West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) NGOs AND CHARITIES Diabetes Hong Kong / Foundation Valmont / Greenpeace / Hong Kong Sign Language Association / Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF) / Oxfam Hong Kong / Reproductive Wellbeing / Smiley Planet / Standard Chartered Community Foundation / St. James’ Settlement / The Salvation Army / The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) OTHER SECTORS 3HK / Centaline Property Group / China CITIC / CITIC Telecom CPC / Cyberport / Deliveroo / Derivco Group / DIMERCO Group / Eco Expo Asia / Genie Juicery / HKR International Limited / Hung Fook Tong / Trial by iMore / Taiwan / Kitchen Secret / LINK / LOFTER Group / Merck / NEXT Media / Poggibonsi / Polygroup / Ricacorp Properties Limited / Roadshow Macau / Sansiri Real Estate Developer / SCMP Group / / The Kindergarten Co. / ToddleDino Magazine / TYYF Group / VAIO / YAZ / Yum Me Play

Emcee Job Highlights
including but not limited to the followings

5G Symposium - How 5G Reshape the Electronics Industries English 6th & 7th Giant Financial Forum English / Mandarin / Cantonese 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of HKSAR x All Shopping HK Launch English / Mandarin / Cantonese 40th Anniversary of Chief Group English / Mandarin / Cantonese 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up by HKPRI Mandarin / Cantonese Agricultural Department of U.S. Seminar in Hong Kong English / Mandarin / Cantonese Annual Seminar of Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification Cantonese APLF Leather + Materials Trade Show English / Mandarin / Cantonese Arome Bakery x AKB Mooncake Workshop Cantonese Bloomberg Businessweek Listed Enterprises of the Year 2018 English / Mandarin / Cantonese Boffi-Depadova-MA/U Studio Grand Opening English Centaline Property Award Presentation Ceremony & Annual Dinner Cantonese / Mandarin Clinique Product Launch Event Cantonese Citizen Watch Product Launch Event English / Cantonese Dimerco Express Group Annual Dinner Mandarin / Cantonese DJI Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Centre Launch Event English / Mandarin / Cantonese Foodeli Grand Opening Mandarin / Cantonese Graduation Ceremony for the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy 2021 English Hong Kong Diabetes Congress 2019 English / Cantonese Hong Kong Food Expo 2019 English / Mandarin / Cantonese Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival 2018 & 2019 English / Mandarin / Cantonese Hong Kong Council of Testing and Certification Seminar Cantonese Hong Kong Shue Yan University 50th Anniversary Celebration Cantonese Innovative Safety Week Award Ceremony by HKSAR Government English / Cantonese International Forum: Trends and opportunities of Big Data Analytics and AI in the Greater Bay Area by FHKI English / Mandarin / Cantonese K-Food Fair 2018 by Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs of South Korea English / Cantonese K-wave & Winter Travel Carnival by Korean Tourism Organisation English / Cantonese Lan Kwan Fong LKF Thai Festival by Sansiri English / Cantonese LOFTER Grand Opening by Ricacorp Properties x LOFTER Group Cantonese Love, Bonito’s Flagship Store Launch & Private Grand Celebration Party English / Cantonese Lulu Pig Carnival Cantonese / Mandarin LUVENUS Grand Opening of First Store in Hong Kong English Macao Government Tourism Office Roadshow in Hong Kong Cantonese Merck Health Seminar Cantonese MOS Centre Christmas Open Day Cantonese NEO Grand Opening English & Mandarin Oriental Watch VIP Cocktail Party English / Cantonese Outstanding Enterprise Award Presentation Ceremony English / Mandarin / Cantonese Poggibonsi Launch Event English / Mandarin Queen Victoria 8 Grand Opening Cantonese Renault Zoe Car Launch Event English / Cantonese Roving Exhibition Opening Ceremony by HKIUD English / Mandarin Standard Chartered 150th Anniversary Community Foundation x Smiley Planet GO CUP Launch Event English / Cantonese The Greater Bay Area Urban Design Awards 2022 by HKIUD English / Mandarin TheraFace PRO Launch Event English / Cantonese Theragun Product Launch Event Cantonese VAIO Product Promotion Event Cantonese WIZBL 200 Conference in Hong Kong English / Mandarin Zurich x AIA Private Luncheon Party Cantonese

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“Elevate your experience with our comprehensive services today.” 

MW&Co.是一家位於英國的品牌集團,由跨專業領域的Manlee Wong創立。集團匯聚眾多人才,提供全方位服務以滿足不同客戶需求,服務範圍包括司儀、翻譯、撰稿、編輯、配音、企業培訓及語言教學等。 MW&Co., based in the UK, is a dynamic collective of brands. Founded by multi-talented professional Manlee Wong, the group brings together a diverse array of talents that offer a comprehensive suite of services catering to various needs. From emceeing to voiceover talent, translation, copywriting, editing, and language teaching, MW&Co. offers it all.  But that's not all. MW&Co. also offers wellness services such as guided meditation, sound healing, dream analysis, and hypnotherapy.  We are dedicated to delivering exceptional engagement experiences, and our team of experts is committed to providing personalised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. With a deep understanding of diverse cultures and backgrounds, MW&Co. is the ideal choice for events that require a global perspective.

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WW Consultancy

Consultant / Co-Founder

“We empower businesses with effective communication solutions.”

WW Consultancy致力提供全方位傳訊支緩,服務範圍包括司儀、翻譯、撰稿、編輯、配音、企業培訓等。 【品質為先】 - 在當今全球化的世界中,有效的溝通是成功的關鍵。作為一家精品傳訊公司,我們具有絕對自由度分配充足時間於每個項目,確保出品質素。 【專行專業的語言專家】 - 我們的專業團隊匯聚不同行業的資深人士,包括來自銀行及金融、保險、藝術及文化、時裝、美容、醫療、電訊及政府部門等,以深厚的行業知識、國際視野和豐富經驗為客戶提供全面的傳訊服務,確保溝通得當,協助您拓展業務。 WW Consultancy is a boutique communication company that provides all-round translation, interpreting, copywriting, editing, voice-over production and other communication solutions. The two partners, Sabrina Wu and Manlee Wong, are experienced translation, communication and marketing specialists, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in these fields. In today’s globalised world, effective communication is the key to success. We are here to offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality services that enables our clients to overcome language barriers and reach their target audience with ease. [Quality comes first] - as a boutique company, we have full control of our time to ensure that sufficient man-hours are allocated to each project for quality deliverables. [Not only language experts but also industry insiders] - our extensive network of translators, interpreters, copywriters, and agencies are industry veterans in various fields including but not limited to banking and finance, insurance, art and culture, fashion, cosmetics, medical, telecommunications and government departments, ensuring that we can provide a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to expand your business, communicate with multilingual audiences, or require professional translation assistance, WW Consultancy is your reliable partner for all your communication needs.

Please contact for detailed job references (translation, copywriting, voiceover and more).

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Embrace Wellness

Instructor & Therapist / Founder

“Pause. Breathe. Listen. Embrace Your Journey.”

Embrace Wellness由集催眠治療師、夢境分析治療師、頌缽聲頻療癒師及調解員於一身的Manlee Wong創立。透過線上及線下課程,包括企業計劃、私人課程和小組教學,打破地域界限,引領個人及團隊進行充滿探索與轉化的旅程,回歸內心聲音、連結內在智慧,並重啟內在力量。 Embrace Wellness is a sanctuary of tranquillity that offers both physical and virtual wellness programmes, events and classes, empowering participants beyond geographic barriers. Founded by the certified hypnotherapist, dream analysis therapist, singing bowl therapist, mediator, and holistic wellness practitioner, Manlee Wong, we are dedicated to guiding individuals to return to their inner voice, discover their inner wisdom and unlock their inner power.  Taking mindful pauses, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the whispers of your soul are vital steps towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Our programmes are designed to help you immerse yourself in the stillness of the present moment, infuse your soul with positive energy, and mindfully listen to your inner voice. Our digital programmes transcend geographical boundaries, making our services accessible to anyone, anywhere. We offer a variety of meditation programmes, events, and classes that cater to your unique needs, including corporate wellness programmes, private sessions, and group classes. Embrace Wellness is committed to empowering individuals to achieve holistic wellness. Join us to pause, breathe, listen, and embrace your own life journey today.

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| Music | Arts | Design |


〰️the flowing frequency〰️

作團隊 PROJECT MOOON 於2015年成立,致力於商業項目中連結新一代本地藝術家、音樂家、療癒師、設計師、插畫師、攝影師、舞蹈家等創作人。並定期舉辦藝術活動、體驗工作坊、音樂會及表演。

Founded in 2015, Hong Kong-based creative art group PROJECT MOOON is committed to connecting a new generation of local artists, musicians, healers, designers, illustrators, photographers, dancers and other creators of different media in commercial projects. Scheduled events and classes open to the general public includes mindful art projects, experiential workshops, concerts and performances.

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