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反思社會觀念  |  重整生活態度  |  改變生活方式

Redefine what we believe; Reset how we think; Reform the way we live.




Memes & Friends(文化基因工作室)是一個主力推動及推廣自愛的藝術文化媒體,創辦人相信人對意識的覺醒能幫助瞭解自己與事物的整體,以生命影響生命的方式將理念傳播給別人。





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About Us



Dani Chong 莊丹妮


Creative Director / Design Director

創作總監 / 設計總監


2003年於CO1設計學校畢業後一直從事商業平面設計及美術工作,2017年成立 Project Mooon Studio 主力從事品牌設計及顧問工作,進行與創作、文化、美術相關的教育及推廣。


Memes & Friends (文化基因工作室) 負責活動統籌與執行、視覺設計、美術顧問及宣傳等工作,以平面設計與美學的視覺溝通配合治療團隊和合作夥伴,並運用於不同的治療活動及藝術項目中推廣自愛。

Dani has close to two decades of experience in the commercial graphic design industry since graduating from CO1 School of Visual Arts in 2003. Through her company, Project Mooon Studio, Dani consults on a range of branding and design projects for her clients. She is also an active educator of the local creative industry, engaging in design-related seminars and community art projects.

Dani is also the founder of Memes & Friends, a local arts & culture media promoting the concept of self-love. Mainly responsible for its artistic and visual design, the Memes & Friends project combines elements of visual arts with emotional therapy with an aim to achieve healing through creative activities and art projects.

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Team & Project Based Collaborators

Agnes Wu - Graphic Designer, Illustrator


Aki - Photographer, Gaffer

Cat Lau - Project Manager


Carrie Li - Project Manager

Cliff Wu - Translator, Copywriter

Dora So - Copywriter, Social Media Manager

Edith So - Translator

Gag Chan - Illustrator

Fion Wong - Copywriter, Social Media Manager

Jenny Mok - Copywriter


Lup - Artist, Illustrator

Mavis Tam - Photographer

Michelle Chan - Art Director, Photographer

Moon Mo - Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Sara Yeung - Project Manager, Graphic Designer

s l y - Hong Kong Artist/ Painter

Tina Lee - Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

Raymond Lo - Translator, Copywriter

Zoe Wong - Illustrator, Photographer

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