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/ FOUNDER 創辦人 


Dani Chong 莊丹妮

Creative Director 創作總監


Dani has close to two decades of experience in the commercial branding and graphic design industry since graduating from School of Visual Arts in 2003.


其後成立品牌顧問設計公司 Mooon Studio 及正念藝術文化平台 Memes & Friends

She is the founder of the Hong Kong design company Mooon Studio and the art & culture platform, Memes & Friends




Mooon Studio is a Hong Kong-based branding & communications design company. We consult on commercial branding projects offering visual design, art direction, marketing strategy, events & promotional services. It is our aim to promote the local art and culture scene through our work, and this is often reflected in publicity events and promotional activities from commercial projects with our clients.


Our partnerships often feature various local designers, artists, musicians, photographers, illustrators and content creators.


藝術文化|正念生活 | 親子成長 | 工作坊| 課程


聚集理念接近的創作人、藝術家、設計師、治療師、不同機構、團體、連結各場地及合作夥伴,透過視覺藝術、設計、音樂、映像、藝術治療、心理學和哲學,與市民大眾一起向現有的社會觀念和價值觀提出反問、重新定義、提供改善方法與橋樑 —— 活動、工作坊、社區街訪、專題訪問、音樂演奏會等。從學習愛自己開始,重整生活態度,好好選擇生活。

Memes & Friends is an art & culture platform. Our projects span a wide spectrum, and cover topics ranging from self-love and mental health to death education.


We connect like-minded content creators, artists, designers, therapists, and various institutions and groups with suitable venue partners. Through mediums including visual art, design, music, visual media, art therapy, psychology and philosophy, our aim is to explore, challenge and redefine existing social values with the general public. 


Memes & Friends’ activities include workshops, events, online and offline interviews, concerts, etc. Our mission is to build and seek a better future for all.




Abby Siu - Event Assistant


Agnes Wu @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Anna Chan - Artist, Painter

Arca Liu @Arcaliu - Illustrator

Barry Wang @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer

Bong Chan @Mooon Studio - Painter, Illustrator


Cat Lau @Mooon Studio - Accountant, Assistant Editor


Carrie Li @Mooon Studio - Project Manager

Chor Lai @ChorHandpan - Handpan Musician

Cliff Wu @Mooon Studio - (English) Editor, Translator, Copywriter 

Crazy Monkey Cafe - Venue

Curious Hong Kong - Event Agency

Dani Chong @Mooon Studio - Creative Director

Denise Ma - MakeUp Artist

Dora So @Mooon Studio - Social Media Manager, Assistant Event Manager

Edith So @Mooon Studio - (English) Translator

​Eunice Li Photography - Photographer

Fa - MakeUp Artist


F(iii) Consultant - (Bilingual) Copywriter, Social Media Manager

Fleaworker Spain - Jewellery Designer

Gag Chan @GagIllustration - Illustrator

Gigi Wong - MakeUp Artist

Hailey Wong - Artist, Illustrator

Jinno Neko - Artist, Fashion Designer


Lup @Lupwoohoo - Artist, Illustrator

Moon Mo @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer, Executive Editor

Quist Tsang @Quistography - Photographer

Raymond Lo @Mooon Studio - (Chinese) Translator, Copywriter

Rex - Art Director

Sara Yeung @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer

Shing AK @Mooon Studio - Photographer, Gaffer

s l y @slydrawing - Painter

Tabu @白紙花舍 - Visual Artist, Set Designer

Tina Lee @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

YuDei:余地 - Sound Journey Artist

Zoe Wong @Mooon Studio - Graphic Designer, Assistant Editor

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